Market Entry Check-Up

Ready for take-off to the U.S.?

Twice the expertise from a single source:
brand communication and legal certainty

Safe landing in the US-Market

Companies can be the leader in their home markets,
but unknown when they go abroad.

As many as 70 percent of businesses fail when they enter the US-market, often due to ineffective brand communication, legal missteps or misunderstanding of the culture.

Are you positioned to succeed in the US market? Is your legal foundation strong? Have you considered how to position your brand in this new market? Do you understand your company´s strengths? How will you transfer your hard-earned reputation?

The Market Entry Check-Up identifies, where your company stands. It helps to shape your unique positioning in order to establish your company in the U.S. market safely.

Why a Market Entry Check-Up?

1. Peace of mind: time, resources and cost efficient analysis and expertise for your legal and communication foundation as you enter the US-market.

2. Greater certainty: in terms of market differentiation, target audiences and how you go to market according to established US business practices and culture.

3. On-strategy: Transfer the strengths and reputation of your company and product brand according to your strategy.

4. Unique positioning: Identification and transfer of your differentiating value-added brand proposition for a faster capitalization of your foreign direct investment.

Brand communication and legal certainty

Expanding into foreign markets is a complex challenge with many legal, financial and operational issues.

The backbone of your expansion are your company´s strengths, performance, identity and reputation. Transfer them successfully into new markets and your investment can capitalizes much mores quickly.

Our experienced and well-established team of communication professionals and legal experts analyzes the strengths of your brand, develops strategies for your future and comprehensive communication in line with legal certainty and, thus, creates the foundation for long-term success.

m/e brand communication and Vehr Communications

stand for creation of branding, marketing and communications strategies as well as intercultural brand transfer and its implementation in German and U.S. Markets.


The German Desk of FrostBrownTodd stands for the legal and trademark expertise in the Market Entry Check-Up.

IMM Institute for Brand and Media

The IMM Institute for Brand and Media provides the structured methodology of transferring to foreign markets the 'currency' of content, company strengths and brands.