Softing IT-Solutions

On an intercontinental basis: Brand strategy, brand content and brand communication are drivers of efficiency, impact and efficacy regarding costs, time, and resources.

Softing - brand strategy and intercultural brand transfer

The Softing IT company specializes in exchange of digital data and providing information for applications in automotive and industrial production. With various locations, Softing is represented on three continents.

As a part of the experts team creating the brand architecture based on a brand strategic definitions process, m/e additionally has been focused on brand-building communication driving the corporate design. Furthermore, we have been driving international research on the North-American, European, Asian, and Australian continents regarding cultural codes, the semantic and psychological interaction between slogan and logo as well as headlines and key visuals applied for ads, website, and corporate design. Do the target groups and business communities on these continents accept and understand the visualization, content and messaging of the brand?

m/e has been a driving part utilizing a single international strategic and communication approach. Brand strategy, brand content and brand communication contribute to the efficient usage of human, intellectual, financial and production capital.

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