Shimadzu lab systems and medical technology

The value-adding “Excellence in Science” catch-phrase transfered into brand communication.

Shimadzu Germany and Shimadzu Europa

Shimadzu is a globally leading manufacturer of laboratory systems and medical technology. The systems are used for consumers, patients and environmental protection as well as for product safety. They measure down to billionths and trillionths accuracy. With a comprehensive approach in brand communicationapplying various measures and channels, m/e addresses the needs of manufacturing industries, medicine and health care, food industries and environmental protection.

New name, new structure, new appearance: Shimadzu Secrets Of Science magazine


Employer branding

Campaign for the analytica show in Munich

The runner is the visual implementation of “Leading through superior performance”.
With superior performance, Shimadzu pushes technological boundaries, overcomes existing obstacles and provides its customers with leadership through cutting-edge systems and technologies. Innovative strengths and dynamism drive the superior performance. The cooperation with their customers based on partnership gives them leadership.

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