Make Ohio Home

Getting Ohio as a preferred place of relocation on the radar of German, UK and French companies.

JobsOhio - direct investment in the US-Midwest

JobsOhio is the economic development organization of the state of Ohio, USA. It is a leading place to relocate for German and European companies from various industries: automotive, advanced manufacturing, aerospace, plastics, chemical, and pharmaceutical. For more than a decade, Ohio has been among the Top-2 states developing and retaining business.

m/e has been lead agency driving communication in major European countries, targeting executives and decision makers. m/e has applied brand communication tactics to get Ohio into perception. We have built up a communication plan and the tactics, we have sharpened the messaging and created a seamless European network. We applied a full range of public relations activities, such as European-wide show support, 1-to-1 briefings, speaking opportunities, social media, press tours, contributed articles, press releases, interviews, and press office.

As a result, JobsOhio have gained tremendous share-of-voice in business press, trade horizontals and verticals, TV, social media channels, and broadcast. We established Ohio on the radar of stakeholders and complemented seamlessly our PR activities with JobsOhio’s marketing and site selection tactics.

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