Japan Stent Technology

Brand strategy and positioning, line extension and brand-building communication for market-entry in European countries.

Japan Stent Technology - Life. To be continued.

A leading Japanese stent manufacturer, Japan Stent Technology provides a portfolio of bare metal stents, surface finishing varieties, drug-eluting stents as well as assisting devices. The company competes worldwide in a growing market, which is dominated by regulations of national healthcare systems.

On a brand strategic level, m/e brand communication created a brand architecture which shaped the differentiators of the single product lines, but also the definitions of brand propositions and brand benefits. In a separate step, we positioned the assisting devices in the context of completing the stents portfolio. Furthermore, we created brand names and checked them on a worldwide basis.

Based on the strategic positioning, we created from the brand communication perspectives, packaging, advertising, promotion as well as sales-supporting materials applying brand-building design and key visuals for events, point-of-selection, web design purposes.

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