Duttenhöfer steel packaging

Market partner for packaging, consulting, procurement and logistics.

Brand positioning as a basis for on-strategy diversification.

Duttenhöfer steel packaging

Duttenhöfer is a leading provider and marketer of steel sheet packaging in Europe. The company with a history of more than 130 years unites process and product experience with the specific know-how and insights of the packaging markets. Through its brand-strategic positioning, Duttenhöfer has diversified its portfolio from being purely a producer of packaging materials to a market partner for packaging, consulting, procurement and logistics.

With a brand strategy, m/e brand communication succeeded in creating the basis for defining Duttenhöfer’s unique selling and core value propositions. Through brand communication, it is brought into perception - with advertising, PR, promotion, events, trade fairs and e-media.

The new logo: leveraging the brand profile by making the customer benefit concrete

Brand-building communication

Brand-building communication provides orientation regarding Duttenhöfer's offer:

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