Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

(Warren Buffett)

Increasing brand value

With two pillars of services, we contribute to increasing the value of your brand.

They can be applied specific to the customer’s needs: either integrated or as individual components.


Brand strategy: We build up brands, continue to mature them and develop their contents according to the requirements of their markets and target groups. We sharpen brand profiles, achieve benchmarks and contribute to our customers’ success.

  • Brand positioning
    defines the uniqueness as the basis for enforcing your proposition in the market (personality, value, portfolio, core competence, brand proposition, brand benefit)
  • Intercultural brand transfer (B|SEP method)
    provides a structured and efficient “on strategy” transfer of the values, contents and promises of your brand into new geographic markets for fast capitalization.
  • Brand forums
    provide professional and personal refill. We regularly organize brand forums on various topics in the academic environment of the University of Applied Sciences, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft, in Berlin. Would you like to join us? Please let us know
  • Communication concepts
    Based on brand-strategic contents and your corporate goals, we develop individual communication concepts. They are the stage for communicating the brand, centrally controlled by us across all relevant channels, always keeping an eye on increasing the value of your brand.


Brand communication: We create awareness for your brand contents and your business - with goal-oriented visual and verbal identity. We will align our project management with your structures and requirements.

  • Advertising
  • PR / trade PR
  • Trade fair, event
  • Internal communication / employer branding
  • Online / social media

Creativity, consistency and profile driving brand communication ensuring

  • distinct perception
  • accelerated understanding
  • unambiguous sender recognition.

Brand communication works in two directions:

  • it saves the recipients' energy because they recognize patterns
  • it saves the sender’s money as it gets deep in the customer’s awareness for a long time

Our customers benefit

  • economically from maximum efficiency
  • communicatively from focused messages.

Integrated product solutions

Together with law firms, we have created two products for special market requirements providing companies with single-sourced solutions, enabling them to


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